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David Pawson – The 7 Wonders of His story – His Birth

Credit David Pawson

Thoughtful Thoughts 15.12.17 The 7 wonders of His story – His birth.

Fake news…

Last time we looked at how the Pope chose December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which had actually occurred in September. This was because he wanted to please the pagans who worshipped Mithras, the sun god. By doing that, the Pope took the Christian story that was both amazing and true and disconnected it from its Jewish roots. Now we are left with the fantasy we have of the Catholic ‘Bishop Niclause’ we call Santa Clause, which has resulted in what the world calls ‘the silly season’. When the vatican disconnected the first coming of Jesus from the Jewish calendar and the prophecies, it disconnected what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, that “Salvation is from the Jews”.

It has been said that “those who don’t believe in the one true God, don’t believe in nothing, but believe anything”. Now we have a whole cult around Mary being called ‘the mother of God’, making others dismiss believers in Jesus as being blasphemers. The church kept the door open for the way back to paganism celebrated on December 25th with the yule log, mistletoe, christmas trees, and other pagan left-overs, which celebrated an X rated pagan sexual holiday with drunkeness. For example, one left-over of the pagan holiday was the rapings by the lords in Scotland where the lord would forcefully take for himself any girl getting married on her wedding night. You can see why the Scots rebelled, but if the church had come out from the world, instead of combining religious holidays with pagan holidays with its sexual deviances, then paganism would have died out and the rebels would not have had a cause to unite under. The vatican prolonged the agonies of the population under their control, until the Reformation was able to start making a difference, but which took time. In other words, the vatican made things worse by retaining pagan celebrations. (A policy which they copied all over the world by joining pagan celebrations with religious holidays. The events which the pagans got up to were worse than the things which the Israelites did, which had made God so angry with them in the first place, after they left Egypt, when they tried to go back to pagan Egyptian practices. God wanted them to come out from Egypt in heart as well as physically. God wanted them to fix their heart problem.

No more fake news – let’s get real with God… In the second half of December, the Jews celebrate “Hanukkah” in the Hebrew calendar, which is the “festival of lights”, which celebrates the rededication of the Temple. (This year it’s on December 17th). Paul says God’s people are His Temple, which is where the Holy Spirit resides now. Let us rededicate ourselves to God all over again at this festival of lights, – or as the Jews call it – Hanukkah, because Paul tells us we are the temple of the Holy Spirit now. What is real is what is accurate, or true. Let’s Get real with God.

Next week we will look at the real Hebrew timeline of Jesus’ coming – not the fake news.

I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.


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